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  1. What brands do you do warranty for?

    We are a servicing warranty dealer for Honda, ECHO, Briggs & Stratton, and Kawasaki. If it’s some other brand, we can repair it, but we won’t be able to file the warranty for you.

    Briggs & Stratton



    Honda Power Equipment

  2. What do I need to get my equipment repaired under warranty?

    In order for us to repair any equipment under warranty:
    Please bring the proof of purchase (receipt or credit card statement) in along with your equipment.
    If you bought the equipment from us, we will have the receipt on file.

  3. If my equipment has a problem (ie: won’t start), will that be covered by warranty? Will it cost me anything?

    Warranties cover manufacturer’s defects. We will have to look into it before we can determine if the manufacturer will cover the repair or not.
    If it is covered by warranty, we’ll go ahead and repair it. Then we’ll file the warranty with the manufacturer and call you to pickup when it is finished.
    If it’s not covered by warranty, we’ll call you with the cost of repair before we repair it. At that point if you choose not to repair it, we do charge our minimum estimate fee for the diagnosis.

  4. What would NOT be considered a manufacturer’s defect and would NOT be covered by warranty?

    Issues relating to improper maintenance.
    Issues relating to using non-OEM parts.
    Damage due to abuse or neglect. (ie: bending the crankshaft when you hit a stump).
    User of improper lubricants or insufficient lubrication (ie: running the engine on low oil)
    Normal wear items. (ie: worn rear wheels)
    Carburetor failure from fuel damage or debris.
    Carburetor adjustments are not covered by warranty (Exception: Echo warranties carburetor adjustments for the first 30 days).

    For a more detailed list of things that are covered and not covered by warranty, please refer to the warranty section of your user’s manual.

  5. What would be a manufacturer’s defect and would be covered by warranty?

    If your warranty is still active and your mower has experienced only normal use, the following issues are frequently covered under warranty:
    Ignition coil stopped working with no exterior damage
    Transmission failure
    Broken recoil starter
    Broken cable(s)
    Product updates

    For a more detailed list of things that are covered and not covered by warranty, please refer to the warranty section of your user’s manual.

  6. How long is the warranty on my equipment?

    The warranty varies depending on the brand, the type of unit, and the use (commercial or residential).
    Please refer to your user’s manual for the length of warranty. Most manuals can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.

  7. What are the most common non-warranty repairs?

    Bad or contaminated gasoline
    Modern gasoline contains ethanol and does not last very long. Gasoline should be used up within 30 days of purchase or stored with stabilizer up to 90 days.
    Old gas makes engines hard to start. It also absorbs moisture from the air, creating sticky deposits and corroding the carburetor.

    Overfilling oil in the engine or the equipment was tipped over incorrectly.
    This can cause oil to flow into the cylinder, soaking the air filter, and blowing white smoke when the engine is run.
    Enough oil flowing into the engine will cause the engine to lock up when pulling on the rope.

    Lack of maintenance
    This shortens the life of the equipment and can cause permanent damage.
    A dirty air filter will cause the engine to run rich (too much fuel) causing the spark plug to foul up quickly. It will also cause carbon build-up causing the valves to get stuck and/or allow dirt into the engine. It can destroy an engine if left unchecked.
    A dirty fuel filter on 2-stroke equipment can cause the engine to run lean (not enough fuel and oil) and overheat. It can also allow dirt into the engine or carburetor. It can destroy an engine in left unchecked.

    Insufficient lubrication
    Low oil, no oil, or old dirty oil can damage the engine leading to expensive repairs or having to replace the equipment.
    Oil breaks down over time as it is exposed to heat, losing its ability to provide lubrication. Even if it does not look dirty, the oil will need to be changed according to the maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual.

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