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How to find ECHO model and serial number


Model numbers and serial numbers can mean the difference between getting the right part and the wrong one.
Echo model and serial numbers are usually found between the fuel filler cap and the air filter on trimmers and blowers.
Model numbers start with letters.
Echo uses several kinds of type numbers.
For accurate parts ordering, some Echo tools use long type numbers that fall within a range of compatible type numbers for that tool model.

Example Name Plate: The Echo SRM-265T Straight Shaft Trimmer/Brushcutter
Some Echo tools, like the trimmer pictured below, don’t use a simple type number system that corresponds to only one tool. Instead, Echo has compatible parts for tool models whose type numbers fall within a certain number range.


    • Model #: SRM-265T


  • Serial #: S79812013282



For example, an Echo SRM-265T trimmer with a serial number of S73511358741 has compatible parts common to all SRM-265T trimmers with serial numbers that fall in the S73511001001 – S73511999999.
When a visitor to AAPower enters the Echo trimmer model number “SRM-265T” in our model number search field, the results look like this:
Three serial number groupings of Echo trimmers are listed to match the “SRM-265T” model number search. If your Echo tool uses a serial number range system like this, just take extra care to choose the right serial number range for your tool. Most of the Echo serial numbers that use this system are long like the ones used in these examples.
Fortunately, most Echo serial numbers are listed clearly (although not always labeled) next to the tool model number.

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