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  1. My lawn equipment has a problem. What do you charge for diagnosis and/or repairs?

    We charge a $50 minimum up front ($90 for Riders, mowers greater than 25″, and commercial equipment) for us to look at the equipment, but that payment goes towards your final bill if you choose to repair it. We will also allow you to set a “call-if limit”, meaning that if the bill will exceed that amount we will not do any repairs until contacting you for authorization. You will never have any surprise charges at our shop.

    If you choose not to repair the equipment after we have given you the estimate, the minimum charge is not refundable as it covers the diagnosis.

    For common repairs, we have a flat rate system. For uncommon repairs, we charge by our hourly rate.

  2. If my equipment has the following symptoms (won’t start, won’t stay running – runs for a few seconds then dies, runs rough, hunts and surges, won’t rev up to full power, won’t idle), how much would it cost for repairs?

    We cannot know for sure what is causing your symptoms without a full diagnosis. However, the most common repair for issues like those described above is related to the carburetor. These symptoms are usually indicative of a problem relating to the fuel system. This is mostly due to using fuel that is more than 30 days old without proper fuel stabilizer treatment.

    For walk mowers and hand held equipment, the average costs for carburetor repairs are around $80-$130.

    For bigger engines (ie: riding mowers), the cost can be higher.

  3. How long do repairs take or what is the turnaround time for a repair?

    The turnaround time for repairs vary depending on the season.

    For most of the year, we should be able to get your equipment back in less than 7 business days unless we have to order parts.

    If we have to order parts, it may take longer.

    For the current turn-around-time, please call our store and ask, or click here.

  4. How do I prevent the fuel related repairs that are so common?

    Fuel related repairs can be minimized by:

    Buy only enough fuel to last you about 1 month.

    -If your gasoline is more than 1 month old, the EPA recommends that you put that gasoline in your car instead because your car can adjust for it. Then go get fresh gas for your power equipment.

    Put a non-alcohol fuel stabilizer in your gasoline as soon as you get it from the gas station. We sell StarTron and Sta-bil brand fuel stabilizers at our store.

    Follow proper fuel storage procedures, especially during winter storage.

  5. If my equipment won’t start, will a tune-up solve the problem?

    A Tune-up is the regular maintenance recommended by manufacturers in order to prevent problems from occurring. Usually, if the equipment is not working properly a Tune-up will not resolve the problem and some other repair(s) may need to be done.

  6. My lawn equipment ran on low oil and now the engine has been seized, is it worth repairing?

    Once an engine is run on low oil, the cylinder and the piston rings are damaged. Whether it can be repaired economically depends on how much damage has been done to the engine and how much the replacement equipment costs.

    If we can free up the engine and get it running again, that would be the least amount of repair. However, we cannot say how long the engine will last. It could last 1 day or it could last a few years. The length of time it lasts with this repair depends on the amount of damage done to the engine.

    If the engine is too heavily damaged, then a new engine or short block would be needed. If the equipment costs less than $500, this option would not be economical.

  7. If I put straight gas into my equipment that requires gas mix, is that worth repairing?

    The answer would be the same as the above situation of running lawn equipment on low oil.

  8. Do you service pressure washers?

    Yes. We can do all repairs on the engines of pressure washers. We can replace pumps, but we do not take pumps apart to repair them.

    If your engine is running fine but water is not coming out properly, then most likely it is a problem with the pump or wand and hose.

    If the replacement pressure washer is less than $500, then it would not be worth it to replace the pump on the pressure washer.

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