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hondaemergAs we approach the end of the fall season and begin to prepare for winter weather, homeowners commonly consider purchasing a generator for emergency power during a storm. One can be tempted to purchase a generator because of a low price or a sale. I advise anyone considering such a purchase to do your research and hold off purchasing your generator until you can be sure you are not only getting a good deal, but the generator you buy will serve your needs effectively. This will ensure you not only buy a quality product, but also will have plenty of power to operate the essentials to help you survive a storm comfortably providing sufficient power for lighting, heat, and whatever you deem necessary during a power outage.



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broken mower


Spring is coming fast, and that means it is time to start thinking about your lawn. For some, that means it’s time to start shopping for a new lawn mower. If you are one of us looking for a new grass chopper, you probably want a mower that will make the task of mowing your lawn enjoyable, and to accomplish that without breaking the bank.

“Out with the old and in with the new!” My Father exclaimed the year he bought a brand new lawn mower to replace the old, rusty “hunk of junk” as dad so eloquently referred to it. As we waited for the salesman, He attempted to educate me on buying tools and equipment.

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In the Southern region of the United States, we see vegetation growth year round. Even though the winter months mean dormant, brown lawns, just waiting to grow and be manicured back to their lush green beauty, it means the opposite for the weeds in your lawn. While your lawn equipment may be enjoying lazier days during the winter, weeds may be taking advantage of this and could cause issues for your lawn later in the year, especially after the spring season hits full swing, and vegetation is growing fast.

Dormant brown lawns will not compete with the weeds, and therefore, the weeds have unhampered access to water and sunlight. The soil in your yard remains moist and due to the cooler weather, the soil also remains cool as well. This also means less evaporation of moisture, creating efficient growing conditions for weeds. Winter weather that brings higher than average precipitation promotes growth spurts for common low-lying weeds.

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String Trimmers have become common place for home owners, largely due to the fact that string trimmers are flexible in their uses, not only handling trimming and edging chores, but can also tame tall grass and weeds in areas around your property that your lawn mower or riding mower just can’t reach effectively. When you are shopping for a string trimmer, things like product features and price are always important points that all consumers consider. However, there are also other key points to address when choosing the right string trimmer to fit your needs as well as your budget.

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The summer fall seasons are behind us, and winter has arrived. Our focus as homeowners is now turned towards pruning our trees and removing unwanted timber. For many, winter also means it is time to gather wood for the fireplace or wood burning stove. Additionally, some also choose to cut down their own fresh Christmas tree.

The one thing that makes all of these annual chores easier and even enjoyable is a good quality chainsaw. Today’s modern chainsaws offer the homeowner a multitude of options that range from engine size, gas or electric power, top or rear handle, even the size of the cutting bar and style/size of the chain. While having many options to choose from can be a good thing, it can also be confusing. Safety should also be a primary concern, and must be taken into consideration when choosing a chainsaw that fits your individual needs. This guide is designed to address the key areas as they relate to choosing the right chain saw for you.

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I recall brisk Autumn days as a kid, gathering with my family to tackle the giant sea of leaves that lay before us like an ocean. With rake in hand we manipulated the colorful debris into a huge pile that we kids would dive into headlong. Fun times except the next day our hands were usually blistered and our backs sore. Alas! Powered leaf blowers to the rescue!

Gas and electric powered leaf blowers take a potentially laborious job and reduce it to a less fatiguing task. But which blower should you purchase? Exactly what size do you need? And should you take your neighbor’s recommendation and purchase a durable hand held Echo leaf blower? Or your brother’s who recommends one just like his faithful Stihl backpack blower? Lets take a look at some important considerations when selecting a leaf blower.

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One thing we all tend to learn over time is you get what you pay for.  And although Honda power equipment doesn’t cost much more than competitors products, with a Honda you can rest assured you’re purchasing the best equipment available on the market today. Honda lawnmowers in particular, consistently rank number 1 in Consumer Reports Reliability and Customer ratings for lawn equipment.

It’s also important to note when you invest in a quality product, it’s almost always better to purchase and have it serviced at an authorized dealer or service center. Authorized dealers and service centers are better educated and stay up to date on your equipment and its service needs. This makes them the experts, providing you with an overall better sales and service experience.

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 There are many causes of power outages. In many cases it’s weather related. Lighting can directly damage power line electrical equipment. High winds or large ice accumulation can drop trees or limbs onto power lines creating an outage situation. Regardless of the cause, it’s important to be prepared for such an event and for the likelihood you may be without public power or water for an extended time.

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