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Lawn Care TIps

If there is one common reason we spend hours in our yards maintaining and caring for our lawns, It is the enjoyable sight of a lush, healthy green lawn. Regardless of who’s lawn you are looking at, seeing a perfectly manicured, lush green lawn is a very pleasing picture to behold. Those of us that struggle with achieving that beautiful, healthy, thick grass can use all the tips and tricks we can find to assist us in our quest for the perfect lawn.

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The lawn care season is in full swing. Every year more and more people are opting to hire a lawn care professional to tend their yards for them. Some choose this option to save them time, some to avoid being out in the heat, and some to ensure their yard is as beautiful as can be. Regardless of the reason(s) people choose to hire a professional, one should always be careful and research a company completely before entering into any contract for lawn care.

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In the Southern region of the United States, we see vegetation growth year round. Even though the winter months mean dormant, brown lawns, just waiting to grow and be manicured back to their lush green beauty, it means the opposite for the weeds in your lawn. While your lawn equipment may be enjoying lazier days during the winter, weeds may be taking advantage of this and could cause issues for your lawn later in the year, especially after the spring season hits full swing, and vegetation is growing fast.

Dormant brown lawns will not compete with the weeds, and therefore, the weeds have unhampered access to water and sunlight. The soil in your yard remains moist and due to the cooler weather, the soil also remains cool as well. This also means less evaporation of moisture, creating efficient growing conditions for weeds. Winter weather that brings higher than average precipitation promotes growth spurts for common low-lying weeds.

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