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String Trimmers have become common place for home owners, largely due to the fact that string trimmers are flexible in their uses, not only handling trimming and edging chores, but can also tame tall grass and weeds in areas around your property that your lawn mower or riding mower just can’t reach effectively. When you are shopping for a string trimmer, things like product features and price are always important points that all consumers consider. However, there are also other key points to address when choosing the right string trimmer to fit your needs as well as your budget.

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Tune Up How To

With the spring mowing season just around the corner, now is the time to be thinking about getting your lawn mower ready for the coming season. After a few months of hibernation during the winter months, Your lawn mower may just need a little attention to ensure it is ready to keep your lawn trimmed and looking good all season long. A spring tune up is important to maintain your mower’s performance, keep it running smoothly, and ensure the mower will be reliable, and start when you need it.

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The summer fall seasons are behind us, and winter has arrived. Our focus as homeowners is now turned towards pruning our trees and removing unwanted timber. For many, winter also means it is time to gather wood for the fireplace or wood burning stove. Additionally, some also choose to cut down their own fresh Christmas tree.

The one thing that makes all of these annual chores easier and even enjoyable is a good quality chainsaw. Today’s modern chainsaws offer the homeowner a multitude of options that range from engine size, gas or electric power, top or rear handle, even the size of the cutting bar and style/size of the chain. While having many options to choose from can be a good thing, it can also be confusing. Safety should also be a primary concern, and must be taken into consideration when choosing a chainsaw that fits your individual needs. This guide is designed to address the key areas as they relate to choosing the right chain saw for you.

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Lawn Mower Winterization

The holiday season is here, and for most this means the end of the lawn care season. Lawn, hedges and the like have gotten their final trim of the year. Your lawn mower and other small engine powered equipment are not going to be used for a few months until spring time rolls around. The number one question we are asked each year around this time is how to prepare lawn equipment for storage during the winter months.

So, what are the proper steps to take to prepare your lawn equipment for storage during the winter months? Two stroke and four stroke engines require a slightly different approach to winterizing, but overall the process is similar.

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I recall brisk Autumn days as a kid, gathering with my family to tackle the giant sea of leaves that lay before us like an ocean. With rake in hand we manipulated the colorful debris into a huge pile that we kids would dive into headlong. Fun times except the next day our hands were usually blistered and our backs sore. Alas! Powered leaf blowers to the rescue!

Gas and electric powered leaf blowers take a potentially laborious job and reduce it to a less fatiguing task. But which blower should you purchase? Exactly what size do you need? And should you take your neighbor’s recommendation and purchase a durable hand held Echo leaf blower? Or your brother’s who recommends one just like his faithful Stihl backpack blower? Lets take a look at some important considerations when selecting a leaf blower.

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So your lawn mower will not start? You ask yourself do you need lawn mower repair?  You’re not alone. Just like automobiles, lawn mowers require regular care and maintenance to maintain longevity and reliability. Even with regular maintenance, components can become worn over time and certain parts will need to be replaced eventually. Items such as drive belts, filters, spark plugs, etc are considered normal “wear and tear” parts. These are recommended to be replaced at regular intervals. If  these items are not replaced at the recommended service intervals, they can cause reliability issues with your lawn mower, resulting in starting/running problems.

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One thing we all tend to learn over time is you get what you pay for.  And although Honda power equipment doesn’t cost much more than competitors products, with a Honda you can rest assured you’re purchasing the best equipment available on the market today. Honda lawnmowers in particular, consistently rank number 1 in Consumer Reports Reliability and Customer ratings for lawn equipment.

It’s also important to note when you invest in a quality product, it’s almost always better to purchase and have it serviced at an authorized dealer or service center. Authorized dealers and service centers are better educated and stay up to date on your equipment and its service needs. This makes them the experts, providing you with an overall better sales and service experience.

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A well maintained, properly adjusted lawn mower combined with good mowing technique is key to achieving and maintaining a beautiful lawn. If you are experiencing less than acceptable results when you mow your lawn, chances are the problem is related to a lawn mower maintenance issue and/or improper mowing technique. Whether you employ a push type mower, a riding mower or even a zero turn mower, commonly overlooked maintenance items such as dull/damaged blades, tire pressure, cut height, and even the speed at which you mow your lawn can all affect the quality of cut, and affect the overall results.

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Ever since Edwin Budding and his simple invention made it possible for the middle class to tame desired grasses, homeowners have been striving for that perfect lawn.  In pursuit of that goal, most view lawn care to be predominantly a spring and summer ritual. However, your lawn needs important maintenance in the fall to ensure a lush, healthy lawn in the warmer months. Here’s what we suggest.

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