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Monthly Archives: November 2014

I recall brisk Autumn days as a kid, gathering with my family to tackle the giant sea of leaves that lay before us like an ocean. With rake in hand we manipulated the colorful debris into a huge pile that we kids would dive into headlong. Fun times except the next day our hands were […]

A well maintained, properly adjusted lawn mower combined with good mowing technique is key to achieving and maintaining a beautiful lawn. If you are experiencing less than acceptable results when you mow your lawn, chances are the problem is related to a lawn mower maintenance issue and/or improper mowing technique. Whether you employ a push type […]

Your mower has served you well over the years. After taking it to the repair shop you learn the repair is going to cost more than you anticipated. Should you invest your funds in repairing this otherwise faithful mower? Or should you invest in the reliability and advancements that come with a new and improved […]

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