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Tune Up How To

With the spring mowing season just around the corner, now is the time to be thinking about getting your lawn mower ready for the coming season. After a few months of hibernation during the winter months, Your lawn mower may just need a little attention to ensure it is ready to keep your lawn trimmed and looking good all season long. A spring tune up is important to maintain your mower’s performance, keep it running smoothly, and ensure the mower will be reliable, and start when you need it.

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Each year in our service department, we see several instances of customers who have experienced a bent blade on their lawn mowers. In every case, the spinning mower blade had come into contact with an immovable object, causing the blade to suddenly stop, resulting in a bent blade. In some cases, the force of impact was significant enough to cause the engine’s crankshaft to bend, causing damage to the engine internally. Symptoms of a bent blade include excessive vibration, an uneven cut, potential damage to the mower’s deck, the scrolling and pose a serious safety risk. In addition, a bent crankshaft usually requires the engine be rebuilt and/or replaced, resulting in an expensive repair bill and it may even mean buying a replacement mower. Bent blades, crankshaft and/or engine damage caused by blade impact are issues that are not covered under your mower’s manufacturer warranty.

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Purchasing a replacement blade for your lawn mower can be confusing. Each company that manufactures blades for lawn mowers all have their own names and styles for the blades they offer, (2-in-1 and 3-in-1 Blades, High-lift blades). This can make choosing and purchasing a replacement blade difficult, and even confusing. This article is designed to help you understand the difference in the two mains styles of lawn mower blades, and offer some tips to help you decide which type of blade to buy for your lawn mower.

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When you lose your riding lawn mower key, it can be very frustrating. The following list will help you find the replacement lawn mower keys quickly. Both riding mowers and walk mowers (mostly with electric start) use keys to start the engine. There are only 2 standard variations of the key that covers about 95% of mowers out there. The other keys are specifically fitted to their brands. РFor example, Honda likes to make their own keys.

List of Common Lawn Mower Starter Keys

1) The Standard Indak Starter Key

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